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Get to Know Us

At Amarillo Physical Therapy we believe many people in the Amarillo area are hindered by physical limitations. These physical limitations lead to inactivity which steadily takes a mental and spiritual toll on a person. What started as a physical limitation has now evolved into decreased confidence, decreased social interaction, and increased strain on relationships one once held close to their heart. 

When somebody is freed from the bonds of physical limitations, they are also freed from the bonds of issues with confidence, social interactions, and relational strain. They truly become free again. In every sense of the word.


We provide the best outpatient physical therapy services in the Amarillo area because everyone deserves to live a life without physical limitations. 

Mission Statement 

Amarillo Physical Therapy will increase 100 individuals' ability to move confidently, generate 20 educational videos, and host 4 complimentary workshops by March 2025 because everyone deserves to live life unhindered by physical limitations. 

Key Characteristics

Obsessed with helping others move confidently.

Deeply rooted compassion for all walks of life.

Strong urge to learn and be more.

Critical Actions

We will be present with every patient. 

We are intentional with our techniques. 

We will clean up after ourselves.



My name is Chase Christy

Dr. Chase Christy, PT, DPT, CF-L1, Cert-CMFA graduated from The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  He obtained his undergraduate degree in Health Sciences from WTAMU (Go Buffs). While at WTAMU he worked as a personal trainer and it was through this experience that he wanted to garner more knowledge and wisdom in regards to the human body and it’s movement through space. He thoroughly enjoys spending time with his wife (Kory), their son (Harrison), and their dog (Loki), reading self improvement books, and of course, working out. Though he is a huge advocate for movement and how it can benefit individuals’ lives… he has really come to appreciate connecting with others on a mental and emotional level. Talking with and learning about the people he has the honor of coming into contact with brings him the utmost joy. 

About Me

Sean Golden

Very knowledgeable staff with one on one focus! I worked with Chase Christy and he was great and was able to help me with my lower back pain! Highly recommended!!
My Dr sent me to therapy and honestly I think the therapy did more good than the shot. The exercises have helped me to continue my exercises. Dr Christy was so aware of where my pain was and worked with me to alieve my pain.. I have recommended them many times.

Blaine Westlake

For top-notch care in overcoming injuries, consider Dr. Chase Christy at Amarillo Physical Therapy. With innovative techniques like dry needling and tailored exercises, Dr. Christy guided me through my shoulder injury, delivering effective and transformative results. Thank you Dr. Christy!

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7581 Buster Place, Amarillo Tx, 79119


(806) 683-1534

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